It is no secret that romance novels have become a thing in 2021, or at least it seems to me. The amount of romance books mentioned and recommended on TikTok just keeps piling on my ForYou page. And since lonely sadtine’s day is approaching, I thought I would recommend some romance books that I personally like and keep going back to read.

Now I want to make a little disclaimer about my taste in romance books. I tend to be interested in books that involve:

  • a. Cowboys, because somehow I like the idea of a Western
  • b. Millionaires, because money is a girls best friend
  • c. Military Men, because they are protective
  • d. all of the above together, because why not?

This is me, basically outing myself because I never talk about these types of books. I get a bit insecure about mentioning them, mainly because I am embarrassed.

Rocky Mountain Angel by Vivian Arend

This is the fourth book in the Six Pack Ranch and it follows Gabe Coleman who is a counsin to the Coleman family.

Gabe has been trying to keep the family buisness going but his father keeps getting into his buisness and also damaging the family by his constant drinking habit, Gabe soon gets a visit from an old school friend Alison who needs his help. Alison’s mother has cancer and when Alison found out, she begs Gabe to help her pretend to be engaged in order for her to be in town. Gabe, who is always willing to help, agrees.

I really am a sucker for friends to lovers trope because I always enjoy the development of feelings and also the conflict desire to be more than friends. I have read this one multiple times and it is a go-to favourite in the Six Pack Ranch series.

Beard Science by Penny Reid

This is the third book in the Winston Brothers series. This one follows Cletus who, somehow, is a genuis mastermind and a man who knows everyone’s secrets.

Cletus is a man with a plan, for years he has been trying to find a way to get rid of the biker gang that his father used to run before he went to prison and one day Jennifer Sylvester, the banana cake queen, accidently records Cletus stealing evidence from the Sheriff’s Office. Jennifer doesn’t feel herself, always controlled by her mother and wants to find a man to love her. She blackmails Cletus to help her and soon the relationship starts to blossom.

This is a personal favourite of mine, mostly because Cetus helps Jennifer by making her stand up for herself and also breaking the shell that her mother kept her in. They meet secretly at Jennifer’s bakery and after each lesson, Cletus helps her shed away the banana cake queen persona into a woman who is interested in finding love. I really like the relstionship between these two characters, they are the opposite to one another but also loveable when they are together.

You could also pick up Beard in Mind which follows Beau Winston because both books corolate to one another.

Issued to the Bride: One Navy Sealby Cora Seton

This is the first book in the Brides of Chance Creek series.

This book/series is about a Military Father sending Military men to his home and marry off his daughters (Sounds weird but would you believe that he did it because his dead wife asked him to).

Navy Seal Brian Lake is the first man General Augustus Reed sends to his family home and he is in for an experience. Jo Reed has been taking care of the family home, Two Willows, since their mother died, and she is determined to keep it that way until Brian shows up. Jo isn’t interested for another man taking over the family home and tries to get rid of him but someone else is trying to force their way into taking Two Willows.

I really like the concept of the series, even though it seems ridiculous anyway. I like the sisters belief of the home and the spiritual maze that they have, the relationship between Jo and Brian is so cute and they dearly love one another towards the end fo the book. There is also some action and thrilling suspense moments that will make you interested in the rest of the series.

The Cowboy’s E-Mail Order Bride by Cora Seton

(Yes, I have read quite a lot of Cora Seton’s books, you should know that each series all set in the same town/world)

This is the first book in A Cowboys of Chance Creek Series, and the first book follows Ethan Cruz.

Ethan played a practical joke on one of his friends and it got worse when his friend set up a dating ad, stating that Ethan was looking for a Bride and it worked. Introducing Autumn Leeds, Autumn is a journalist and when she saw the ad she thought it would be a good idea to make an article about it. But once Ethan and Autumn meet, the passion is intense.

When I first saw this book, I thought that it was silly and odd, it wasn’t until about halfway through that I really liked it. I liked the relationship between the two characters, the struggle to keep their secrets and also love one another. It’s very fluffy and smutty, what more do you need.

Accidental Rebel by Nicole Snow

This is the fifth book in the Marriage Mistake series.

A single father, Miller, discovers somthing that is top secret and the people behind it are set to keep him silent and he needs help. Gwen is pulled into the situation and results in them pretending to be a happy family. But, of course, once you start pretending to be a couple it will all turn out to be real.

I have read quite a lot of Nicole Snow’s work last year and I really like her style of romance books, filled with passion and love but also suspencful and mystery. Gwen and Miller are two people who want this facade to be done quickly, Miller doesn’t want to stay in one place and Gwen just wants to find a sustainable job with a decent boss. But, it doesn’t go the way that they hoped.

I would also recommend the Heores of Heart’s Edge series as well, very suspenceful and thrilling as well as the romance.

Honorable Mentions

If I could fill an entire post about romance books, we would be here for a long time. So I thought, why not recommend some authors for you to try.

Darcy Burke

If you like Bridgerton or have read the book series. Then Darcy Burke is a good author to dip your toes in. Set in the regency era of London, following the woman looking for love and nicknaming men as they consider them to be the Untouchables. The first book is called The Forbidden Duke, but the book that got me into the series was The Duke of Seduction.

The Duke of Seduction is about Lavina Gillingham, she is very much interested being outside than inside but she has managed to gain the attention to the anonymous article in the paper by the famous Duke of Seduction who has sucessfully united many couples together, kind of like a certain gossip writer Lady Whistledown.

Lauren Landish

Bennett Boys and Tanner Boys are series that I read last year. Both series are about, brothers who are keeping the family buisness up together. Obviously, they have their own struggles in life but they always manage to find love in unexpected places.

I have read a couple of her other series like Dirty Fairy Tales (my god they were steamy) and I have read a couple of the Irresistible Bachelors series, worth it.

Holly Rayner

I have only read the Billionaire Cowboys series and I really enjoyed it. Each are different and don’t corolate to either one of them.

I think I liked Wanted by the Billionaire Cowboy the most, it had an interesting story compaired to the others. It is about Sean, Sean had a troubled teen life and he ended up changing his name and his whole life, until a woman from his old high school is preparing a fifteen year reunion on his property. Sean is insecure about his secret being revealed but his high school crush gives him hope that he could get second chance.


I hope you have had a good week, I have been reading quite a lot and have fallen into the trap of late night buying. I have another order of books coming soon, yet I have so many other books to read. We might still be in lockdown but sooner or later, everyone has to go outside and see people…

Happy Reading XX

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