Another end to another month.

February has been a very busy reading month and I personally feel that I am filling my time with books instead of watching a random video on Youtube. This month has been great, I have read a lot of books. A couple fo DNF’s but a lot of books that I have read to the end.

Falling Kingdoms/Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes


I borrowed the first book in the series from my local library and I was really enjoying it, I was a little disappointed that my library doesn’t have the rest of the series which lead me to buy the entire series on Amazon (I am also determined to finish this series this year).

I felt the world and the characters very interesting and I certainly like the world building that was made throughout the book. I liked the mystery of the three goddess that each represent the factions of land, Mythica and I am interested to see the expansion of the magic system. I do like that there is an ensemble cast so you could see it in other peoples point of view, it felt like a teen version of Game of thrones in a sense.

The Folk in the Air Trilogy by Holly Black


I have already written a full series review, if you want to know my thoughts check it here.

Time of Contempt by Andrzej Sapkowski


I did not like this book. I thought after leaving off at the end of Blood of Elves there would be some development in the story. I mean sure there was some excellerating development in the middle of the book but towards the end it felt meh. For a series to follows The Witcher, it would be great if he was present in the book because it felt as if Geralt was playing catch-up and everything else was going at the speed of light.

I do like Ciri and I find her a very interesting character but one of the things that has bugged about me, is her strength in power. There seems to be the mystery as to how she has gained these powers but not know how to use that power. That being said, Yennefer used quite a lot of her magic, I am struggaling to like the character, she comes off as someone who uses her magic for personal preferences and also behaves as if she is the most powerful one in the room.

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson


I started this book in the month of January and carried over into February. I will have to say don’t be intimidated with amount of pages.

This is great 1st book to introduce all the characters, the way how the book is formatted is by how many characters perespectives that you are going to see in the book markers (also there is an index). I’ll just talk about the three characters you get to see more in the book.

First there is Kaledin, he used to be a soldier until his entire troop dies and he does something unlawful which leads to him being branded as a betrayer and becoming a slave. He is one of the characters you see a lot of development throughout the book. You follow a female character named Shallan, she wants to become a scholar and asks to be taught by another female scholar Jasnah Kholin but she is also focused on her sketches, also what is sitting behind her. The third and final character is Dalinar, he is the uncle to the King of Kholinar, he has been part of a war for six years against the parshendi and wants to end the war quickly, he is also recieving visions and he doesn’t understand what they mean.

This is a very intimidating book to pick up but don’t shy away from the amazing world building and characters by Brandon Sanderson.

Evelina by Frances Burney


I have already written a full review of this book, you can find it here.

Contin’ Bridgerton Series by Julia Quinn


So I finally picking up the second half of the Bridgerton series and I have to admit, there were a few that I quite liked more.

I liked Eloise and Francesca’s books than Hyacinth and Gregory. Eloise’s story was a very sweet it was nice to read it, since Eloise was such a fan loved character from the tv series. Francesca’s book was very steamy and I do like the trope of friends to lovers. But I wasn’t much of fan of the last two and I even skipped chapters throughout the book.

Fullmetal Alchemist Vol 4 10-12


I have been trying to get back into manga and I thought I would at least finish a series.

I am really liking the series so far, so many times I have laughed out loud due to Edric getting upset about his height but I also liked the development of all the characters and especially the dynamic between each other. I think the scene when Ed sees his father after him being gone for so long, it was expected but it felt more heartbreaking from Ed’s side.

I am currently on the next volume.

The Pearl Sister by Lucinda Riley


This has been a series that I forget I started, firstly the covers are so nice and beautiful. If you are not aware of this series, it follows each daughter learning about where they originally came from along the way you learn about some famous women, like Kitty Mcbride who takes a journey to Australia and becomes a wife of a Pearl pioneer, and she also taking over the buisness.

I was very unsure if I would like this book compaired to the others, in the previous books Cece came off as the adventurous type but during this book, you saw a lot of her insecurities like her relationship with Star, her dyslexia and also her art, it certainly changed my perspective of her after reading this book. I don’t want to go into Kitty’s side of the book but I will mention how I was very curious about the Aborignal characters and including them into the story, it got me looking them up on Google. I could never predict how the two female characters connect to each other but I really liked the reveal of it.


I dnf’d two books during this month and they were both books that I borrowed from the library.

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

I have read a book by Blake years ago and I enjoyed Anna Dressed In Blood but I didn’t finish the duology. I have been interested in Three Dark Crowns for a while and I thought I would give it try. It wasn’t until I was about 140 pages in when I just got bored. You are just thrown into the story immediately, no build-up to the triplets when they are born or the day they get seperated but also the little tid bit of the switch (I ended up flipping through the rest of the book).

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

I had been curious about the Grisha Trilogy and this duology for some time, I read Shadow and Bone years ago and I quite liked it, but I wasn’t motivated to read the next book which is why we are here. I was at the end of reserving the book and I thought it would be better to return it than try again. I do want to read it, just not right now.


I’m sorry that this was a long post, lets just say I got bored and I couldn’t help myself. I hope this month of reading has been good to you. Let’s hope that March can be better.

Happy Reading XX

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