So the only thing helping me cope through this third and hopefully last lockdown was WandaVision.

If you are not a fan of the MCU, here is a bit of a explanation of what this series is about. Wanda Maximoff and The Vision move to a town in New Jersey called Westview, they are married, happy and are expecting children but the journey of the family is through different eras of Sitcoms, starting with the 1950’s. As each episode progresses into a different era, soon things start to get noticed, questions are asked and new characters come in to play making you wonder what is going on.


The Love between Wanda and Vision

Both Wanda and Vision were introduced in Avengers Age of Ultron, and through Civil War and Infinity War, you knew that they both felt something for each other. You knew the foundation of the relationship but this show made their love more loveable and enjoyable to watch. The on-screen chemistry between Olsen and Bettany was perfect and it gave a deeper love for both characters together and apart.

Throughout the show, Wanda and Vision are this happy married couple and expanded when when Tommy and Billy are born. This shows how great they are as parents and also the dynamic of them when they are in conflict with each other. I espcially like the scene in episode 5, On a Very Special Episode, when Vision starts to question Wanda about the lack of children outside and how open she is using her powers in front of Agnes, I loved how Wanda was trying to end the conversation with the end credits but Vision runs through them and continues to argue.

Even though Vision doubts Wanda it wasn’t until Darcy tells him in episode 7 that the love between them is real and they belong together.

Traits of Television

Going through each decade gave an interesting look into the relationship of Wanda and Vision, and also a great omage with television throughout the years. The biggest love that I have for the show would definitely be the title intros into the new decade, and sure there were some weird ones (baby vision) but they were catchy and easy to sing along.

I liked how easily adaptable the actors were into each decade, the clothes, the set and even they way how the actors portrayed characters through each decade. Like the ways how Wanda would hide her baby bump from Geraldine/Monica in episode 3, as a nod to how TV productions would do when the actor is pregnant. Also how Billy and Tommy would be talking to the camera in episode 6 like how some sitcoms would be breaking the fourth wall to talk to the viewer.

I do want to mention how we had Fietro into the show and it is mostly because how in sitcoms some characters are replaced by another actor. While it shook viewers into thinking mutants were coming to town but really it is more of a nod to how production companies would fire one actor and hire someone else to take it’s place. And the fact that Fietro was actually Ralph and he had an actors headshot with his electricity bill, it was really on the nose that he was someone else playing a character.

The Trio of Jimmy Woo, Darcy Lewis and Monica Rambeau

You may be here for Vision and Wanda but don’t forget this trio. When episode 4 came out, it defintely surprised me that we would be seeing the expansion of what is going on. I was not aware that Kat Dennings was in the show and it was a huge surprise to see her since the last time she appeared was in Thor 2.

The three of them have a great dynamic and they each have a connection to an Avenger from their previous encounters on screen but they certainly became fan favourites. I enjoyed their team up and I hope to see more of that in the near future.

What is grief, if not love perservering

God damn, hit me in the feels

It felt very much a show about a woman dealing with the death of the man she loved. While the hints about Hex Vision kept piling in, I didn’t want to believe the theories because in my gut I didn’t think it would be true. To know that she created him from a fragment of the mind stone, he was a emphisis of how much she wanted him back. Her grief build her reality and it rebuilt the Vision she remembers, but the background of Television was how she was able to live the reality of a happy family that she had grown up seeing.

The goodbye scene between Wanda and Vision was done so beautifully, with the background of the previous sets flickering through the decade and the deter of Vision just felt so sad to see him and this show go. I teared up quite a lot in the last episode. What I liked about it was her way of saying goodbye to the man she loved properly.

An Origin Story for The Scarlet Witch

This was killer origin story and while the viewers have always called her Scarlet Witch, it became possible at the end of the show. I liked the exploration of her in episode 8 when she was going down memory lane. I liked how it gave her a center focus while in her previous appearances was for a supporting character.

I especially love her new costume, I liked the detail to the crown and when she got her cloak in the last scene of the episode. What I liked the most would have to be the colour, while it will never be the bright red as it was in the comics but it is a beautiful colour. I may be hinting on it but it felt very close to the colour of Magneto’s suit in the Xmen movies.

Overall Thoughts?

Before the first two episodes released, I didn’t really know what to think for the show. I couldn’t understand it but that was the point with the show anyway, it gave out so many questions that you had to fanticly wait until the next week to see what happened. I liked that each episode was released every week, it kept up the hype and anticipation for the next.

Bettany and Olsen were amazing and the full cast did a brilliant job. It has definitely become one of my favourites this year so far. One day I might binge it and enjoy it without a care of theorising it. I do like the build up for Wanda and Monica, I am looking forward to Doctor Strange 2 and Captain Marvel 2.

I would very much like to see Kathryn Hahn again as Agatha Harkness and I really liked that Wanda didn’t kill her or put her in prision. I liked that she punishes her by sticking her as the character she was from the very beginning. Also I had Agatha all along in my head for a week, I even fell asleep with the song still in my head.

What did you think of WandaVision?

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