You can say that I have neglected to post anything this month, mostly because I have been procrastinating soo much to the point of finding other things to do than write up a blog post every week. But I have been reading, just not as many as I had planned.

Let’s discuss

Married at first swipe

I have been heavily reading fantasy books and I needed a break from it all but I found a book that I found myself not liking. I read the first chapters and felt so unmotivated to read it, I ended up skipping to the last three or four chapters and declared that I was done with it. It did not help me through my fantasy break.

Learned my Lesson

I honestly regret my decission into buying this series and I have already removed them off my kindle but I found myself really put off, sure the steamy scenes were steamy but the story of it all really fell flat for me. I loved Hercules growing up but this was just not for me.

Fairy Tail 100 year quest Vol 1

I read this book at the very beginning of the month and have completely forgotten how it starts. I know it follows the Fairy Tail friends, finally taking on a 100 year quest but from what I remember it involves a woman who is able to steal dragon powers, specifically Natsu and Wendy. Very curous as to how this pans out.

The Eye of the world

If you have started getting into fantasy then you need to put Robert Jordan in your list to read. The first book is a honarary respect for Tolkien and it follows a similar path like The fellowship of the ring. I did struggle reading the book and the audiobook was such a great help. I do have intentions of continuing the series and I know that I have alot to get through (15 books in total, just to mention here.) I found the book to be very insteresting and an adventure to see unfold.

I did do a book review of The Eye of the World, you can check it out here.

Six Crimson Cranes

This was the most easiest read that I have gone through in a long time, I practically finished the book in a day. I love the inclusion of Chinese Mythology and I enjoyed the envisioned world around the female lead. It did remind me of the Shadow of the Fox but this book is so much better. I was not aware of this Brothers Grim tale and found myself really enjoying the book as the story progressed. I amd looking forward to the next book but enjoy the beauty of cover, it’s gorgeous.

The hobbit

I want to make a little confession. I never read this book before and even the LOTR trilogy let alone the movies. I was very intimidated with Tolkien’s work, worrying that I might not like it. I felt it was much easy to read The Hobbit first since it is the shortest book out of all of his work and found myself really enjoying the tale. I highly, highly suggest you get the audiobook because the amazing Andy Serkis narrates the book, he helped me love this book. Serkis is a fantastic actor, if you are not aware, and his performance and connection to the LOTR is why I desperately need to watch the movies. Last wednesday, I finally sat down and watch the entire trilogy in one day and I loved it.


I hope you are well and you have had a great month, I haven’t got a plan for next month when it comes to reading, I keep buying new books and ignoring the other ones. I have even had a bit of a clearout and started to put books up for sale on Depop, if you are interested, I am under burtonbooks.

Hope you have a great day and I’ll possibly see you at the end of September, knowing me.

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