Hey everyone,

Hope you are well, I have been in a huge reading kick and it is mostly from my kindle. I blame my self control and Kindle Unlimited because I have found a kink that I can’t shake off. I have been reading so much from my kindle in the month of March, it’s getting too much to handle.

Arranged Marriages/ Mafia Romance

I discovered Mafia romances and I found some good ones and some I don’t think I will want to re-read again.

Cold Hard Kisses + Cold Cruel Hearts by Marissa Farrar

Good, kind of predictable at times, the plot was mild and the spicy scenes were a medium.

Hunter by Eden Summers

This was a little over the place. I felt lost at some parts and felt it was meh.

Captured Light by Raya Morris Edwards

This book was a bit uncomfortable. I am not interested in submissive female characters and I felt the plot to be terrible

Untamed Vixen by Tessa James (Reverse Harem)

I have not read a lot of Reverse Harem books before but after reading this one, I am intrigued. The spicy scenes were really good but I personally felt the plot to be slow, it didn’t have that high anticipation that I was hoping for.

Fierce King by Sadie Kincaid

I finished this book thinking it was a standalone but I was wrong when I discovered that there was a sequel and that didn’t sit well with me. The relationship was fine, I liked them but I can’t remember much since there was some time since finishing it.

A Vow of Hate by Lylah James

This was like a world of twists, at first I thought it was like a Wuthering Heights situation and while it does mention that. It hit me with the feels a lot harder. I can’t stop thinking about it, I felt the plot to be really good it kept me on the edge and I was eager to finish it in one sitting.

Broken Prince + Twisted Knight by R.G. Angel

I quite liked the characters in the book and I was even cringing when one of the characters binging One Tree Hill. This felt like a Beauty and the Beast situation but somehow it managed to be alright. I partially read the third book but I couldn’t look past a stern Mafia man in love with a women that wanted a Doctor Who wedding dress. I was not surprised about the big reveal of a character that lucked in all three books.

Brutal Prince by Sophie Lark

I really liked the two characters, their little jabs at one another were hilarious but I did like the relationship altogether. The plot was very good, my expectations were low and I did not expect that final act.

Secret Vow + Unwilling Vow by Willow Fox

These two books were very interesting. While one is about a man saving a woman from her evil dad while the other is about a woman agreeing to be a surrogate. I thought it was fine, I felt Unwilling Vow to be slow at points but overall it was fine.

Mafia’s Dirty Secret by Summer Cooper

At first I thought this was a pretty decent book until it ended and I had to get book 2, I did read Book 2 and 3 but I skipped a lot of chapters. I really liked the female character, willing to put by the hateful words that her mother spits at her to find comfort in the arms of a mysterious man who happens to be in the Mafia. It was alright but I wished that it wasn’t in three books.

Fantasy Romance

Kingdom of the Wicked + Kingdom of the Cursed by Keri Maniscalco

I caved and picked this series up. I wasn’t into Stalking Jack the Ripper by KM but somehow when I started this book, I devoured it so quickly. I am interested in what happened after that ending in KOTC because I need to know so badly.

King of Battle and Blood by Scarlet St Clair

I read A Touch of Darkness last year and frankly, I found this book to be better. While there are some similar themes between the two but I found the world buidling to be very interesting. Also, at the time of reading, I was reading a lot of Manhwa’s and imagined the castle to look something like that, like I already imagined it illustrated.


It’s hard to explain what the Omegaverse is and also explain knotting, so I am going to leave it for your descision to give the genre a go. It’s like Reverse Harem but it is more a Polyamorous relationship when it is one woman and multiple men.

Stolen by the Wolves + Taming the Wolves by Lyx Robinson

I had seen this on TikTok and had no clue about the Omegaverse and Knotting. I found it very interesting if you look at it has touching yourself under the eyes of god but it was something way intense in the second book. Woah.

Baby and the Late Night Howlers by Katherine Moon

Speaking of Woah, was not expecting this book to be so addicting. I had heard of Katherine Moon and didn’t think much of it until I started reading it. I felt this book was a lot more helpful when it came to learning about Omegas and Alphas.

Lola and the Millionaires Part 1 + 2 by Katherine Moon

I have read this duet three times, I love the guys and Lola. It is a great book with spicy scenes and a kidnapping but it also has the sensitivity of a character that was sexually assalted with psychological problems. I highly recommend you read this. I also want to mention how it is interesting to look into the perspective of a Beta in a home mostly with Alphas and an Omega. I would highly recommend.

Other Romances

Blindsided by Amy Daws

The famous plus-size romance book on TikTok. I did like this book, it was sweet and kind, I just wanted to wrap myself up like a burrito with a nice warm of hot chocolate because this was a good book.

Wait with Me by Amy Daws

I never thought reading a book about a writer who writes smutty books in an auto repair shop. At times, I was annoyed at both characters because they both are a lot fo handle, it was a simple book with baggage.

The Two Week Stand by Samantha Towle

I barely remember what happens in this book, but I do remember that they were in the Maldives. It like a rebound hook-up book, kind of like Forgetting Sarah Marshall but without the ex appearing all the time.

Cute Billionaires Series by Emily Stewart

This was a collection of billionaries books into one. I liked the first two and I think I might have skipped tha last one. It involved children which made me wish I had a kid and meet a billionaire to save me. Lol.

The Heart of Us by Kennedy Fox

This was a sweet book, I’ve read a few Kennedy Fox books years ago and this was a nice read.

Other books I have read recently

Jujutsu Kaisen vol 12

It had felt like forever to jump back into the world of JK. I am more than excited for the next season, of the anime and I am going to wait for the movie to be availabe online because I have no money to watch it in the cinema and I want to watch it subbed. I have Vol 13 but I am waiting until vol 14 releases to read it.

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

For months, I have been wanting to read this book. At first I was skeptical but by the end I was in tears, it was like a relase of emotions towards the end. I just wanted to read it again.

My Heart is a Chainsaw by Stephan Graham Jones

This book started so well, it felt like a typical Horror/Mystery book but as the book progressed I started to not like Jade, the writing and even the process of whatever it was. This became the first DNF of 2022.


I hope you have had a great week

Happy Reading xx

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