It has been a while…

Three months to be exact…

Basically I was ill and May has not been the best month this year. My instagram account got hacked (know that I officially have no access into that account anymore but I do have another), I have been reading on my Kindle and nothing physical, and I restarted my island on Animal Crossing.

I have been in a bit of burnout and have focused myself on other projects and have negleted this blog. I still want to continue with thie blog but I also want to do something and shape it to be more creative. I have contemplated in creating a podcast, obviously it will be about books and all the other things I am a fan of but I don’t know how to start one. It might be a while until I am 100% sure.

Lately, I have picked up a few booktok books and I have been glued to my kindle the past couple of months. If you do follow me on my Goodreads, I have completed my reading goal due to reading on my Kindle and I am grateful but my physical TBR seems to be growing bigger than before. (Is anyone else not surprised)

I am now 29 years old and it feel wide that I am near the final year of my 20’s. I will be honest, I spent most of my days either reading, working and spending time alone. It might sound but I have found it a big comfort but I am starting to realise that the comfort needs to find a new adventure, I would like to start living by myself (I still live with my family and while it is great but it’s not going to be forever.) I have considered going back to writing this book I have in mind but I have lost all motivation for it. Maybe there will be a spark soon.

I didn’t want to ramble on any further, so I will end it here. Hopefully this won’t take me another three months for the next post.

Hope you are enjoying your Summer, wherever you are.

Happy Reading xx

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