The Science of Influence: How to Get Anyone to Say ‘Yes’ in 8 Minutes or Less Book Review

Kevin Hogan’s “The Science of Influence: How to Get Anyone to Say ‘Yes’ in 8 Minutes or Less!” is a compelling guide to understanding the art and science of persuasion. In this review, I’ll share my thoughts on this book, discussing its strengths, notable quotes, and who might benefit from reading it.

1-sentence Summary: “The Science of Influence” by Kevin Hogan is a captivating exploration of the psychology behind persuasion, offering readers valuable insights and practical techniques to effectively influence others in various aspects of life.

The Science of Influence How to Get Anyone to Say 'Yes' in 8 Minutes or Less by Kevin Hogan

TitleThe Science of Influence: How to Get Anyone to Say ‘Yes’ in 8 Minutes or Less
AuthorKevin Hogan
GenreSelf Help
Publication DateOctober 29, 2004
Length256 pages

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Best Quotes from the Book

  1. “The most influential people are those who focus on the needs and desires of others.”

This quote underlines one of the central themes of the book: genuine influence comes from a place of empathy and understanding. Hogan emphasizes that successful persuasion is not about manipulation but about genuinely connecting with people and addressing their needs. It teaches us that to persuade effectively, we must focus on what’s in it for the other person.

  1. “Persuasion is about creating a win-win situation.”

Hogan’s book emphasizes the importance of win-win scenarios in persuasion. This quote serves as a reminder that the best outcomes occur when both parties benefit. By striving to create mutually beneficial agreements, we can build lasting relationships based on trust and cooperation.

  1. “Influence is not about changing minds; it’s about moving people from ‘no’ to ‘yes.'”

This quote challenges the common misconception that persuasion involves fundamentally altering someone’s beliefs or values. Instead, Hogan suggests that influence is about guiding people toward a decision that aligns with their existing values and interests. This is a refreshing perspective on the art of persuasion.

  1. “The power of influence lies in your ability to tell a compelling story.”

Storytelling is a potent tool in persuasion, and Hogan highlights its significance in this quote. He explains that sharing stories can captivate your audience, making your message more relatable and memorable. Effective storytelling can create an emotional connection, which is crucial for persuasive communication.

  1. “The best persuaders are the best listeners.”

Hogan stresses the importance of active listening as a foundational skill in persuasion. This quote reminds us that understanding someone’s perspective and needs requires attentive listening. Being genuinely interested in others and their concerns can significantly enhance your ability to influence them positively.

Book Summary

“The Science of Influence” is a well-structured and informative book that delves deep into the principles of persuasion. Kevin Hogan combines psychological insights with practical techniques, making this book a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their ability to influence others.

Throughout the book, Hogan emphasizes that persuasion is not about manipulation or trickery. Instead, it is about building genuine connections, understanding the needs of others, and finding common ground. He explores various aspects of persuasion, from the power of language and non-verbal communication to the importance of ethics and authenticity in influencing others.

One of the book’s notable strengths is its relatability. Hogan provides numerous real-world examples and case studies that readers can easily connect with. These examples help illustrate the principles of influence in action, making the concepts more tangible and applicable to everyday situations.

The writing style is accessible and engaging, making it suitable for a wide audience, regardless of their prior knowledge of psychology or persuasion. Hogan breaks down complex concepts into digestible chunks, ensuring that readers can follow along and apply the principles to their own lives.

One potential drawback is that while the book provides a solid foundation for understanding persuasion, some readers may wish for more in-depth exploration of certain topics. Hogan covers a broad range of concepts, but there are moments when a deeper dive into specific techniques or case studies could enhance the reader’s understanding.


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This Book is Recommended for

  1. Sales Professionals: Salespeople looking to enhance their persuasion skills and close more deals will find “The Science of Influence” invaluable. The book provides practical strategies for building rapport, addressing objections, and ultimately securing the sale.
  2. Leaders and Managers: Managers and leaders can benefit from the insights in this book to improve their ability to influence their teams and colleagues positively. Understanding the psychology of persuasion can lead to better decision-making, effective communication, and team motivation.
  3. Marketers and Advertisers: Those in marketing and advertising will gain valuable insights into consumer behavior and how to create persuasive messages that resonate with their target audience.
  4. Anyone Seeking Personal Growth: The principles of influence discussed in this book are not limited to professional contexts. Anyone looking to improve their personal relationships, communication skills, and ability to negotiate effectively will find this book beneficial.

Small Actionable Steps You Can Do

One of the strengths of “The Science of Influence” is its practical approach. Hogan provides readers with actionable steps and techniques that can be applied immediately. Here are some small actionable steps based on the book’s teachings:

  1. Practice Active Listening: Start by consciously focusing on being a better listener in your daily interactions. Make an effort to understand the perspectives and concerns of others before responding.
  2. Craft Compelling Stories: Work on your storytelling skills. Share personal anecdotes or relevant stories to make your messages more engaging and relatable.
  3. Use Persuasive Language: Pay attention to the words and phrases you use in your communication. Experiment with using persuasive language that highlights the benefits and value of your ideas or proposals.
  4. Build Rapport: Invest time in building genuine connections with people. Find common ground and demonstrate empathy to create a positive rapport that can aid in persuasion.
  5. Seek Win-Win Solutions: Whenever you need to persuade someone, focus on finding solutions that benefit both parties. Emphasize the mutual advantages of your proposals.
  6. Ethical Persuasion: Always prioritize ethical persuasion techniques. Ensure that your influence efforts are based on honesty, transparency, and respect for others’ autonomy.

“The Science of Influence” by Kevin Hogan is a compelling guide to the art and science of persuasion. It offers valuable insights into the psychology behind influence and provides practical techniques that readers can apply in various aspects of their lives.

While there may be room for deeper exploration in some areas, the book’s relatable examples and accessible writing style make it a recommended read for sales professionals, leaders, marketers, and anyone seeking personal growth. By implementing the small actionable steps suggested in the book, readers can begin their journey towards becoming more effective and ethical influencers.


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