Book Review: Dare You to Hate Me by B. Celeste

“Dare You to Hate Me” by B. Celeste is a compelling narrative that seizes the heartstrings from the very first page. It’s the kind of book that holds a mirror to the complexity of relationships, especially the ones that challenge us to become better versions of ourselves.

This book is the first in a series, setting a rich scene of love, conflict, and self-discovery amidst the backdrop of collegiate sports. This romantic narrative unfolds in the lives of Lindon U football players and the women who inadvertently change their lives forever.

Dare You to Hate Me by B. Celeste

TitleDare You to Hate Me
AuthorB. Celeste
GenreFiction, Romance
Publication DateMarch 3, 2021
Length352 pages

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Plot Summary

The crux of the tale lies in the childhood bond between the protagonists. Our heroine, Ivy, proposed an audacious plan to her best friend at the tender age of sixteen – to run away together. Even though the response was a resounding no, the underlying emotions continued to simmer beneath the surface, molding the characters’ lives in unforeseen ways​​.

The plot is a classic portrayal of the “friends-to-lovers” trope, spiced up with the vigor and competitiveness of sports. The book encapsulates the tender yet tumultuous journey of love between childhood friends who share a deeper understanding and history with each other. As the characters navigate through the challenging terrain of adulthood, their friendship faces the ultimate test. The quote, “I want to be the person you can rely on if you need someone, even if you can do it on your own. I want to cheer you on like you always did for me. To support you with whatever makes you happy. And I want that to be me,” encapsulates the essence of the bond they share​4​.

My Thoughts

B. Celeste has a knack for creating a narrative that is as heartwarming as it is heart-wrenching. The emotional roller-coaster the characters endure resonated deeply with me, making me root for their happiness. The author brilliantly portrays the internal and external conflicts, making the story relatable and real.

The sports setting adds a layer of excitement and serves as a metaphor for the challenges and triumphs in love and life. The camaraderie, competition, and the overarching theme of pursuing one’s passion are well intertwined with the romantic plot.

Moreover, the development of characters from adolescents to adults, facing life’s adversities, and discovering their true selves in the process is beautifully depicted. Their journey of self-discovery and the courage to face the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable, is something that struck a chord with me.

The narrative style is engaging, the dialogues are heartfelt, and the romantic tension is just the right amount to keep the pages turning. The chemistry between the characters is palpable, making the romantic evolution natural and believable.

“Dare You to Hate Me” is not merely a love story; it’s a profound exploration of growth, self-discovery, and the enduring bond of friendship. It’s a book that left a lasting impression and evoked a myriad of emotions. It’s a beautiful start to a series that promises more heart, more challenges, and more love. This book is indeed a delightful read for anyone who appreciates a well-rounded romantic narrative with a hearty dose of real-life challenges.

The heartfelt narrative, engaging plot twists, and well-rounded characters make “Dare You to Hate Me” a memorable read. It’s a testament to B. Celeste’s storytelling prowess, making me eagerly anticipate the next installment in the series.


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