Book Review: The Liar by Nora Roberts

The Liar is a romantic suspense novel by prolific author Nora Roberts that was published in 2015. I recently had the pleasure of reading this book and wanted to share some of my thoughts and impressions on the story.

The Liar by Nora Roberts

TitleThe Liar
AuthorNora Roberts
GenreFiction, Romance, Thriller
Publication DateApril 14, 2015
Length512 pages

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Introduction to The Liar

The Liar introduces us to Shelby Foxworth, a successful television producer living in New York City. Shelby seems to have it all – a glamorous career, a gorgeous high-rise apartment, and a handsome lawyer fiancé named Griffin. However, Shelby has a troubling past that she has kept secret from almost everyone in her life. Years earlier, Shelby changed her identity and appearance to escape an abusive stepfather back in Tennessee. But now someone from Shelby’s past has come looking for her, threatening to expose her secrets and true identity.

As the story progresses, Shelby returns to Tennessee to confront her past and the person trying to sabotage her new life. It’s there she meets Ben Tanner, a carpenter who knew the young Shelby years ago. While dealing with dangers from her past, Shelby must also reevaluate her posh New York lifestyle and relationship with the urbane Griffin. Could her future lie instead with the down-to-earth Ben?

Opinion of the Story and Characters

In my opinion, The Liar was a gripping and entertaining read. Roberts did a great job crafting an engaging plot with plenty of twists and turns to keep me guessing throughout the book. I found myself racing through the pages, eager to find out how Shelby’s secrets would ultimately unravel.

I really enjoyed Shelby as the protagonist. Even though she had lied about her past, I found her to be a sympathetic character that I was rooting for. Shelby was an imperfect but relatable heroine trying to overcome personal trauma. It was satisfying to see her find the courage to stop running and confront the truth about her past.

The two leading male characters, Griffin and Ben, made for an interesting contrast and romantic triangle. Uptown Manhattan lawyer Griffin represented Shelby’s sophisticated big city life, while Tennessee carpenter Ben symbolized her rural Southern roots. I personally found myself preferring the more down-to-earth Ben as Shelby’s love interest. However, the complex dynamics between Shelby, Griffin, and Ben kept the romantic plot intriguing.

Pacing, Setting, and Suspense

One of the strengths of The Liar was the brisk pacing. Short chapters that alternated between flashbacks to Shelby’s earlier life and the present-day storyline kept the story moving rapidly. I never found myself losing interest during any slow or dull stretches.

By splitting the setting between New York City and Tennessee, Roberts also painted a vivid sense of place. The glitzy world of network television in NYC juxtaposed nicely against the slower pace and beautiful Smoky Mountains of eastern Tennessee. The dual settings reflected Shelby’s own divided identity.

Lastly, the element of romantic suspense in The Liar delivered plenty of tension and excitement. The escalating threats towards Shelby as the truth was uncovered provided some thrilling, edge-of-your-seat moments in the later chapters. For readers who enjoy mystery/thrillers, this adds another layer of intrigue.


In closing, I found The Liar to be a highly entertaining page-turner of a novel with compelling characters and an engaging, suspenseful plot. Nora Roberts constructed a romance story with enough depth, surprises, and excitement to please a wide audience of readers. I would certainly recommend The Liar to fans of contemporary fiction and romantic suspense. It’s a fun, fast-paced story with wide appeal.


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