Book Series Review: Prophecy of the Forgotten Fae Series by Tessonja Odette

The “Prophecy of the Forgotten Fae” series by Tessonja Odette is an enthralling saga consisting of four books: “A Heart of Thorns,” “A Throne of Shadows,” “A Cage of Crystal,” and “A Fate of Flame”​​. Here’s a dive into the series and my take on it, book by book:

Prophecy of the Forgotten Fae by Tessonja Odette

TitleProphecy of the Forgotten Fae
AuthorTessonja Odette
GenreFantasy, Fiction, Romance
Publication DateMay 4, 2022
Number of Books4 (including A Heart of Thorns, which is a prequel)

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A Heart of Thorns

“A Heart of Thorns” serves as a precursor to the series, laying the foundational stone for the narrative to follow. It introduces us to Princess Mareleau Harvallis, whose determination seems to be a focal point of this narrative. This book sets the stage, offering readers a glimpse into the world Tessonja Odette has crafted, and possibly hinting at the larger conflicts to unfold.

A Throne of Shadows

In “A Throne of Shadows,” we are thrust into a war of magic and shadows, with a feisty outlaw, Cora, and a conniving prince at the center of it all. Cora, accused of a crime she didn’t commit, is on a quest for vengeance against the mage who framed her. Her journey takes a new turn when she stumbles upon her enemy’s violent hunt for faerie creatures, sparking a scheme for retribution​​. The book is enriched with elemental magic, fierce witches, and a slow-burn enemies-to-lovers romance, drawing comparisons to popular series like “Throne of Glass” and “Shadow and Bone”​​.

A Cage of Crystal

This installment plunges deeper into the realm’s political and magical complexities. Cora, forced by circumstances, reclaims her former title to salvage her kingdom and save her brother. The royal milieu, filled with scheming individuals and cruel politics, adds hurdles to Cora’s path, making her journey more perilous​​. Readers have praised the early chapters for their intensity, where secrets, lies, and political games are unveiled, setting a captivating tone for the rest of the narrative​​.

A Fate of Flame

“A Fate of Flame” escalates the stakes with a dark prophecy binding Cora’s fate to the fae realm, threatening a cataclysmic war that could devastate both worlds. Despite the ominous prophecy, Cora yearns to focus on her kingdom, her impending wedding, and perhaps a semblance of peace. However, the looming threat propels her back into a whirlwind of magic, romance, and conflict​. The book is heralded for its breathtaking magic, fierce heroines, and an enemies-to-lovers romance, resonating with epic fantasy enthusiasts​.

This book will be published in December 2023.

Final Verdict

Odette has brilliantly crafted a world where magic, political intrigue, and forbidden romance intertwine. Each book not only propels the narrative forward but adds depth to the characters and the overarching lore. The meticulous plot twists and the way magic is woven into the fabric of this narrative are utterly captivating. However, the story’s pace may sometimes feel slow, especially when delving into the political intricacies. Nonetheless, the emotional payoff and the build-up to a grandiose climax make the journey worthwhile.

The series does a remarkable job in maintaining a steady crescendo, ensuring readers are gripped till the very end. The character arcs, especially Cora’s evolution, are well fleshed out, and the antagonists are not merely one-dimensional but have motives that add to the moral ambiguity of the tale.

In conclusion, “Prophecy of the Forgotten Fae” is a spellbinding series that will appeal to fans of epic fantasy tales filled with magic, revenge, and romance. The way Tessonja Odette has orchestrated a complex yet engaging narrative is truly commendable. Each book in the series is a step into a richer and more dangerous milieu, making it a riveting read from start to finish.


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