Book Review: Black Knight by Rina Kent

“Black Knight” by Rina Kent is a stirring narrative encapsulated in a whirlpool of emotions, torment, and the undying essence of love. This story, which is part of the Royal Elite Series, can also be read as a standalone, immersing the reader in a complex yet riveting journey of love and hatred.

Black Knight by Rina Kent

TitleBlack Knight
AuthorRina Kent
GenreFiction, Romance
Publication DateMay 18, 2020
Length362 pages

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Plot Summary

The tale orbits around Xander Knight and Kimberly Reed, two souls entangled in a web of past friendship, current enmity, and an underlying bond that refuses to wither away. Xander, depicted as heartbreakingly beautiful, brutally cruel, and a knight sans the shining armor, contrasts and complements the character of Kimberly, who’s shown as being pathetically fake, terribly innocent, yet secretly black​​.

Their journey from being the best of friends to the worst of enemies is a tumultuous ride filled with emotional angst and a love-hate relationship that keeps the pages turning. The plot eloquently explores the theme of love being an impossible feat yet hate being an open game, symbolizing the turmoil and the thin line between love and hate that the characters dance upon​​.

Personal Thoughts

Rina Kent has beautifully painted a picture of complex human emotions and relationships in “Black Knight”. The characters are flawed yet relatable, making the heart ache and hope for a resolution in their twisted journey towards love. The emotional depth and the dark ambiance of the story are brilliantly executed, keeping the readers on the edge of their seats.

The portrayal of Xander and Kimberly’s love-hate relationship is intriguing. It brings forth the notion of how love can be a double-edged sword, healing yet harming at the same time. The romantic tension between the characters, combined with the enigmatic past that haunts them, adds a layer of mystery and excitement to the story.

The narrative is filled with unexpected twists and turns that make “Black Knight” a compelling read. The emotional ride the characters go through resonates with the reader, making them feel a spectrum of emotions from joy to despair. The romantic aspect of the story, albeit being set in a dark tone, is endearing and keeps the heart yearning for more.

The book does come with trigger warnings for eating disorders, self-harm, suicide, and alcohol addiction, making it a heavy read at times. But it’s this raw and unfiltered portrayal of emotions and situations that makes “Black Knight” stand out. The dark themes explored in the book are a reflection of reality, making the story more impactful and touching​.

“Black Knight” by Rina Kent is an emotional roller-coaster that explores the depths of love, the bitterness of hatred, and the thin line that often exists between the two. It’s a poignant story of love, loss, and redemption that leaves a lasting impression on the heart. This book is a testament to Rina Kent’s ability to weave a complex narrative filled with emotional intensity, making it a must-read for those who enjoy a good romantic yet realistic tale.


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